Cladder Unlimited

Cladder Unlimited

Cladder Unlimited You must try this unlimited challenges of Cladder, no limited, play all day long

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Cladder is an attractive word puzzle game for you to practice your English skills. It's attractive, easy to play, and hard enough that you have to persevere to win.

How to get started

Cladder is developed based on the famous ladder game. The rules of the game are very simple. Each challenge will have a starting keyword, you need to create a new keyword and must follow 2 rules.

- New word needs to have the same number of characters as the first keyword. 

- New word needs to have the same number of characters as the first keyword.

Take a look at the example below

First keyword.


You start with


This word satisfies the 1st condition: has 4 characters and satisfies the 2nd condition: has only 1 character different from the first keyword ( S in this case).

When you find the next keyword, the game repeats the first steps. That way you can create as many keywords as possible. Victory is determined when you find the last keyword.
Benefits of the game.

It won't be necessary to say much about the benefits of the game. Your vocabulary is replenished daily when playing with the words. Your ability to connect vocabulary is enhanced because of daily practice. Importantly, you are entertained, learning, and relaxing at the same time. You can be stressed but, being stressed because of a difficult challenge will help you move forward in improving your level.

If you are not a native English speaker, cladder is exactly the game you need to practice every day.

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How to play Cladder Unlimited

Use mouse or keyboard to play.

Press Enter (or click on Enter button) to commit the word

The new word has only 1 change compared to the word above.

The new word has exactly the same characters as the word above